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Thermory QuickDeck Maxi thermo-ash

Thermory QuickDeck Maxi thermo-ash

  • Decking modules
  • Decking
  • Ash
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It’s now super easy to build a deck with the Thermory QuickDeck®. These modular decking tiles feature weatherproof plastic supports underneath, which are used to easily snap the tiles into place. The modules can be laid on any even surface, indoors or outdoors, and they are easy to install with no tools or screws required.

Thermory QuickDeck®:

  • Smooth decking surface with no visible screws
  • Easy installation on solid ground (no tools, no screws needed)
  • Exotic brown tone of Thermory Ash
  • Chemical-free wood surface under the feet
  • Highly durable wood due to thermal modification

The modules can be laid on even surface both indoors and outdoors.

Lenghts per pack: 450 mm / 900 mm / 1350 mm / 1800 mm

QuickDeck® deck tiles have weatherproof plastic support underneath which easily snaps one deck tile to another.


Application: Decking

Species: Thermally modified ash

Modification level: Intense

Use: Exterior

Finish: Unoiled

Texture: Smooth

Installation types: Hidden

Installation methods: Modular system

Durability class: 1 (25+ years’ protection against wood decay)


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Modular decking installation, QuickDeck by Thermory

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