We hold wood and its natural beauty in high regard. We fuse science and design to create value for future generations.

Thermory Benchmar thermo-pine cladding and decking, Waterfront Norway

Why are we all so passionate about building with wood?

Our practical side tells us that wood is the only natural renewable building material that leaves a smaller ecological footprint and doesn’t generate hazardous waste.

But it’s our emotional side that allows us to see the truly transformative power of wood.

More than lending its beauty and character to our homes, workspaces, and neighborhoods, wood is essential to balancing the abundance of concrete, steel, and plastics that dominate our urban communities. Wood can also complement warmer settings when mixed with tile, stucco, or stone to create balance across design elements using nature’s harmonizing voice.

Functional, durable, and sustainable, wood may be the only building material limited solely by your imagination. That’s why Thermory thermowood is trusted by design professionals, builders, and homeowners who share our commitment to a healthier living environment.

Now, we want to inspire you to create a more beautiful world with us.

Thermory thermowood was born from our vision of reconnecting humanity with nature through real wood products. As forward-thinking wood enthusiasts, we’ve mastered thermo-treatment technology to improve the properties of wood while locking in carbon emissions. So, you know you’re always using the highest quality, chemical-free wood solutions to enhance your spaces.

If you’re still asking yourself “Why Thermory,” we invite you to explore the possibilities that our natural wood products can bring to your next project.


Thermory was the first company in the world to thermally modify dense hardwoods like oak, ash, red oak, hard maple, hickory etc on an industrial scale.


Adding the extra durability and stability to wood needs in-depth understanding of wood science and thermal modification. Our team of thermal modification experts with wood science degrees have been with us from the very beginning.


We own the thermo kilns and sell only our own product. Therefore, we have full control over the whole process – from purchase to profiling, and everything in between. Our customers can always rely on the consistent quality.


We have the highest criteria for lumber we buy, and decades of cooperation with the best forestry companies supplying high-end wood species resulting in superior products.


Surface treated and impregnated materials eventually lose their protection, due to leeching, erosion and wear, while Thermory wood is durable throughout its lifetime.


Thermory wood is natural and durable throughout the board, while alternatives such as impregnated woods and bamboo-composites include a substantial amount of toxic, corrosive chemicals or fossil-based glues. This also means that our wood is environmentally safe to re-use or dispose of.

Is a smaller footprint important? Of course!

Thermory promotes a transparent and responsible corporate culture. We care about the environment and treat nature with deep respect. Our thermal modification process is environmentally friendly. Our purchasing is environmentally responsible. Our solutions are sustainable.

Our requirements for suppliers are high

Knowing how long it takes for forests and ecosystems to recover from impacts, we are a staunch advocate of sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection. Our requirements for quality and sustainability are high.

We have a very responsible attitude towards timber and wood. Our timber is carefully inspected and harvested from sustainably managed forests, never from endangered, tropical or rain forests. If desired, we can offer PEFC-, FSC- or Nordic Swan Ecolabel-certified wood.

Our thermal modification process is entirely natural, using only heat and steam

We’re one of the world’s leaders in thermal modification of wood – we offer quality and long-lasting solutions relying on environmentally friendly technology.

Our expertise is in thermally modified wood process and technology. Using only heat and steam, we create extremely durable and climate resistant decking, cladding, flooring, wall paneling and sauna products that are unrivalled in both performance and sustainability vs usual alternatives (plastic composites, chemically treated woods, tropical hardwoods, etc.).

Thermory Benchmark thermo-pine cladding, Powerhouse in Telemark, distributor Moelven Architects, photo Jeanett Teigen

Enhancing environments with outstanding interior and exterior design

Since more than 25 years, we work closely with architects, designers, real estate developers and specialized distributors across the world. Through this network of like-minded partners we have implemented thousands of beautiful projects across 50+ countries on all continents.

Our passion for wood, drive for innovation and commitment to sustainability, have created a trust that makes Thermory a leader in the market today.

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