Ready-made sauna elements

Create perfect wellness and relaxation space with our ready-to-use sauna elements. With bench sets, floor grids, and heater guards as well as doors and other accessories.

Alder sauna by Thermory


Our products are made from 100% real wood



Responsibly harvested and chemical-free



Carefully selected sustainable timber, state-of-the-art technology



A splinter-free, comfortable sauna wood

Thermory endless combinations


An unbeatable range of wood species, profiles, and finishes

Thermory eco-friendly_process


Committed to environmental responsibility

Thermory sauna materials make it easy for you

Ready-made sauna bench modules, bench skirts, and backrests

Everything you need for your sauna space, including heater guards, floor grids, and movable benches

Choose from our wide selection of sauna and bathroom doors

We also offer a range of stylish sauna accessories

Thermory Sauna_wall panels and ceiling Vire thermo-aspen 15x69_SHP thermo-aspen bench_Photo by Elvo Jakobson (13)

Quick and easy – bench elements ready-to-install

Anyone who is about to build or renovate a sauna has a choice: either to measure-saw-screw the loose boards or use our ready-made bench elements. By cutting the modules to fit into the sauna room, everyone can easily and quickly design the benches according to its needs and wishes.

Thermo aspen thermo radiata sauna by Thermory

Backrests and bench skirts, heater guards and more

Additionally to the benches we offer complete solutions to finish a sauna room in a convenient way. Backrests, bench skirts and arm rests create comfort and add cozier look to your wellness space; whereas heater guards and floor grids are a more practical choice. And movable benches – some of them are especially comfortable and can be used actually anywhere.


Doors with glazing or panels, for saunas or dry rooms

A great sauna needs a suitable door: solid and reliable. Our assortment of doors allows you to choose the one you like. Fully glazed or with panels, various types of hinges and handles or even the one with a lovely round Sailor window.

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