Premium products deserve the best installation solutions

Our extremely durable, state-of-the-art products are quick and easy to install. We’ve developed a number of innovative installation systems and methods that offer solutions to some of the industry’s most pervasive problems. More importantly, they’ll save you time and money.

Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash cladding C20 and decking D45J, Private house- n Saaremaa, Estonia

Choose a substructure that lasts at least as long as your decking

We recommend using joists of the same durability class as the decking boards you have chosen. This way, the substructure will endure as long as the decking.

  • Thermory Ash and Thermory Spruce: Class 1, highest durability rating (25+ years)
  • Thermory Pine: Class 2, high durability rating (15+ years)
Thermory end-matching

End-matching joints for less material loss

Most of our products can be ordered with end-matching joints. End-matching joints allow boards of different lengths to be installed without the need to rest them on joists. This creates less waste, reducing labor costs and shortening the installation time.

Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash decking

Clips for installation with concealed fixing

We offer various clips to create a beautiful screw-free decking surface. All of these clips also create sufficient air gaps between the boards to prevent moisture damage. The clips are fastened to the substructure with stainless-steel screws.


Pacs – probably the world’s easiest and fastest installation method!

The PaCS (Press and Click System) clip-strip fastening system is super quick and easy to install. Using concealed clip strips for installation ensures an aesthetically pleasing final result with no visible screws or holes. The PaCS system can only be used to install decking boards with a special installation groove (Thermory products with the letter J in their profile designation). The pre-grooved boards are easy to align, creating a flawless, durable result in minutes. That’s right – just minutes.

T4 clip

T-4 clip

Black-coated Thermory T-4 plastic clips leave a 4-mm air gap between the decking boards and 1,3mm gap between the substructure.  However, on a wooden bearing we recommend using a decking tape to prevent moisture damage.
Suitable for thermo-ash decking, profile D4 sg2, for board width up to 112 mm.

T6 clip

T-6 clip

Black-coated Thermory T-6 plastic clips leave a 6-mm air gap between the decking boards and 1,3mm gap between the substructure.  However, on a wooden bearing we recommend using a decking tape to prevent moisture damage.
Suitable for thermo-ash decking profile D4 sg2, for board width 112 mm and more.

PC clip

PC clip

Black-coated Thermory PC plastic clips leave a 6-mm air gap between the decking boards,
Suitable for thermo-pine decking profiles D4 sg, D30 sg and fot thermo-spruce decking profile D4 sg.

TENI clip

TENI clip

Black-coated Thermory TENI plastic clips leave a 6-mm air gap between the decking boards and 8 mm gap between the substructure, ensuring proper ventilation and accelerating the drying of the boards. The clip is made of UV and waterproof material (polyoxymethylene) and is optimized for outdoor conditions.
The included 3.0 x 45 mm A2 screw is suitable for both aluminum and wooden base beams. It is necessary to pre-drill holes in the aluminum base beams.

Thermory_Pine_Decking; aged & unoiled_Norway_photo credit Moelven Wood Prosjekt

Visible fixing with screws

Screw holes must be pre-drilled into thermally modified ash decking boards. The diameter of the drill bit must be 1 mm larger than the diameter of the screws. Drilling a hole first keeps the wood from splitting when the screw is inserted.

When fastening the boards, make sure not to screw the screws too deeply into the wood as this will allow dirt and debris to accumulate in the recessed area. If the screw heads are left sticking out on the other hand, the decking will not be properly fixed to the substructure and the exposed screws may cause injury.

QuickDeck and Herringbone decking modules offer particularly quick and easy installation


With QuickDeck decking modules, no substructure is required for installation

Building a deck is super easy with Thermory QuickDeck decking modules, with no substructure, tools or screws required. These decking modules have weatherproof plastic supports beneath, which are used to connect the modules with each other easily. The beautiful, screw-free decking is an ideal solution for roof decks and balconies. Two modular solutions are available to create your desired floor pattern.


A classic herringbone pattern in next to no time

Installing a stylish herringbone deck is quicker and easier than ever before with our Herringbone module system. Your deck will be ready to enjoy in less than a third of the time normally needed!

How to take care?

Thermory_oiled pine decking_private house_photo credit Aivo Kallas_11

Thermally modified decking maintenance

All Thermory decking boards undergo intense thermal modification and are durable, stable and rot-resistance without additional surface treatment. However, using the correct installation and supplemental maintenance techniques will result in the most beautiful and long-lasting decking.

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