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How do you build the perfect floor for your outdoor space?

It takes more than just a good-looking product. Thermory thermowood decking boards are designed, treated and milled with the perfect outdoor experience in mind. Each board is naturally beautiful, expertly modified and highly functional – the perfect mix of art and science.

Our decking boards undergo intense thermal modification, which gives them unrivaled durability and stability that runs all the way through to the core.

Our decking solutions are easy to install and provide the long-lasting comfort and visual appeal for which Thermory products are so well known. We offer a variety of durable outdoor decking solutions, including modular systems and boards with a broad selection of profiles and widths. Expand your living space and move one step closer to nature.

Thermory thermowood decking benefits



Our products are made from 100% real wood



Thermally modified wood is more durable with a lower moisture content



Wood from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification

Thermory endmatching


Reduces waste, saves expenses

Thermory easy installation


Innovative and simple fixing methods


Attractive thermowood decking that ticks all the boxes

Timeless, functional, durable and environmentally friendly. These are all qualities that a decking product should offer – and that’s exactly what our Benchmark Series is all about.

Each board is thermally modified, resulting in environmentally friendly products with a natural beauty that lasts for generations.

Depending on the profile, Benchmark thermowood decking boards can be installed with screws, clips or PaCS – the world’s simplest screwless system. Most profiles can be ordered with an end-matching solution, meaning that the joints don’t have to rest on joists, dramatically reducing wastage, labor costs and installation time.

Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash cladding C20 and decking D45J, Private house- n Saaremaa, Estonia


Your unequalled hardwood decking choice

Our Benchmark thermo-ash decking is exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable with a deep, rich color. It would be no exaggeration to say that Benchmark thermo-ash is the dream real wood decking material – timeless, stunning, long lasting, barefoot friendly and easy to install.



The new durability standard for softwood decking

Benchmark thermo-pine redefines expectations for softwood decking. With unbeatable durability and stability, our thermally modified Scots pine decking benefits from distinct knots, a beautiful golden-brown color and no visible sapwood.

We can offer our thermo-pine decking with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Wood carrying this Ecolabel comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical free and offers great durability in outdoor conditions.



Just exceptional softwood decking

Our Benchmark thermo-spruce, sourced in Scandinavia, offers a softwood solution with exceptional rot resistance and longevity combined with rustic knots and a naturally light color. When installing, it’s important to ensure that the heartwood (the side of the board closer to the center of the tree) is facing downwards.

We can offer our thermo-spruce decking with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Wood that carries this Ecolabel comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical free and offers great durability in outdoor conditions.


Sophistication untamed – the look you want, the stability you need

You’re a boundary-pusher – a free-thinker with big ideas, who leaves behind a legacy that others can only dream of. You’re here to break the mold, and you didn’t come all this way to sneak along well-worn paths. You’re the kind of person who tears up the map and fiercely follows your passions. Let’s be disrupters. Let’s be fearless and make some waves.



Big, bold and rugged thermo-spruce decking

Rugged Kodiak thermowood decking dominates its surroundings. The extra-wide boards showcase its outrageous strength and impressive stability, as well as making installation a breeze. Feel the wilderness under your feet, with a tough, solid look to match.

We can offer our thermo-spruce decking with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Wood that carries this Ecolabel comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical free and offers great durability in outdoor conditions.


Symmetrical patterns and unique lines for an attractive geometric style that’s easy to install

For those seeking a look that’s extra special, our Designer Series could be just what you’re looking for. With products made from durable thermally modified ash and arranged in eye-catching geometric patterns, Thermory’s Designer Series allows you to completely transform the style and atmosphere of any space. In addition, we’ve made an extra-special effort to ensure that all of the products in this series are easy to install.



Create an elegant herringbone patterned deck with ease

Herringbone by Thermory makes it exceptionally easy to create a herringbone-patterned deck. It’s quick too, requiring less than a third of the time that would normally be needed.

The product comes with a detailed installation guide, although for best results we recommend using a professional installer.



Building a stunning deck is now astonishingly easy!

It’s now super easy to build a deck with the Thermory QuickDeck® Mosaic. These modular decking tiles feature weatherproof plastic supports underneath, which are used to easily snap the tiles into place. The modules can be laid on any even surface, indoors or outdoors, and they are easy to install with no tools or screws required.



A truly beautiful and eye-catching curved design

Thermory Flow decking combines the dimensional stability, durability, rich dark tone and gorgeous grain of thermo-ash with the stunning curved design from Flow. The complex design and production process create the curves by machining the boards, piece by piece, into six different shapes. Each Thermory Bole six-piece curved decking module slots perfectly into the next, creating an endless repeating pattern with a natural look.

Width 90-180 mm, length 2400 mm. Six boards per pack, covering an area of 1.83 m².

Why thermally modified wood?

Thermally modified wood (thermowood) is the most reliable option if you’re looking for a durable and dimensionally stable material for outdoor conditions. The high temperature of thermal modification changes the structure of the wood, significantly improving its durability and resistance to weather conditions.

The biological resistance of the wood increases as the nutrients in the wood become more difficult to reach for pests and molds.

The wood’s moisture absorption capacity and speed decreases, resulting in reduced moisture deformations. The wood maintains its dimensional stability, meaning that it doesn’t cup, twist or bend as much as other wooden decking products.

Thermal modification leads to less internal stress in the wood, significantly reducing material consumption during construction.

The thermal and sound insulation performance of the wood improves.

Thermal modification also gives the wood a delightful darker tone.

Thermal modification is chemical free.

See the benefits of Thermory thermowood

First-rate Thermory thermowood decking boards deserve exceptional installation solutions

Our highly rot-resistant real thermowood products are easy and efficient to install. We’ve developed a number of innovative installation systems and methods that offer solutions to some of the industry’s most pervasive problems. More importantly, they’ll save you time and money.

Thermory ash decking

Deck maintenance. To oil or not to oil?

Thermory thermowood decking boards don’t require surface treatment. Like any wood, the surface of Thermory products will naturally turn silver-gray over time – this process starts immediately and can take anything from a few months to a few years depending on the levels of UV radiation they’re exposed to. However, this does not make the wood less durable. If you want to preserve the wood’s original color, or change it, you can do so by treating the products with a UV-protection oil every year.

We recommend cleaning and maintaining the deck before the start of the summer season

Lightly sanding faded boards will remove the silvery surface colour and restore the wood’s original appearance.

If you would like to preserve or change the tone of thermally modified wood, apply UV-resistant oil to the boards once a year.

If you would like to preserve the tone of boards that have turned grey over time, use colourless oil without a UV filter on the boards.

The oil should be applied only to clean, level, dust-free surfaces.

Download decking maintenance guide



We source our raw materials with care in order to preserve forests and provide unrivaled products, and our lumber surpasses industry grading standards to ensure that our products exceed even the highest expectations.

Intensely modified thermo-spruce and thermo-pine can be ordered with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. When you buy products with this Ecolabel, you consume more responsibly and thus save nature.

Thermory’s thermally modified products have been tested by CATAS and awarded the following high durability classifications:

  • Thermory Ash and Thermory Spruce: Class 1, highest durability rating (25+ years)
  • Thermory Pine: Class 2, high durability rating (15+ years)

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