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Bring warmth and character to your designs with natural wood.

Thermal modification – Naturally enhanced wood using only heat and steam



Thermory wood dimensional stability





Thermory eco-friendly_process



Why are we so passionate about building with wood?

Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash cladding, private house in Seabrook Texas, USA

Wood is the material of tomorrow

Wood is the only natural renewable building material that leaves a smaller ecological footprint and doesn’t generate hazardous waste. It is essential to balancing the abundance of concrete, steel, and plastics that dominate our living environments.

Functional, durable, and sustainable, wood may be the only building material limited solely by your imagination.

Now, we want to inspire you to create a more beautiful world with us.

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Thermory thermowood production

Thermory thermowood is entirely natural, using only heat and steam

We offer high quality and long-lasting wood products based on environmentally friendly technology. The result is extremely durable, dimensionally stable and climate resistant decking, cladding, flooring, wall panelling and sauna products that are unrivalled in both performance and

Our wood comes from certified partners, ensuring highest quality standards and well-maintained forests.
We strive to innovate and continuously improve to meet the future demands of forward-thinking architects, developers, and urban planners.

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Thermory Benchmark thermo-pine cladding

We create a lasting impact

If you’re also thinking about the future, then we’re on the same mission. We create lasting value, leaving a more harmonious and sustainable world to future generations.

Since more than 25 years, we work closely with architects, designers, real estate developers and specialized distributors across the world. Through this network of like-minded partners, we have implemented thousands of beautiful projects across 60+ countries on all continents.

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