Sustainability initiatives at Thermory

Thermory is committed to environmental sustainability and tries to find balanced solutions for smart wood production and reducing the environmental impact.

Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash decking and cladding, Maidla Nature Resort in Estonia

Wood is the best building material that will have a significant positive impact on our living environment – aesthetically, functionally, sustainably.

Reducing the carbon footprint of a building is a major challenge for the entire construction industry. Manufacturers of building materials play a major role in reducing the carbon footprint of buildings: by reducing the environmental impact of the life cycle of their products and investing in product development, energy efficiency and renewable energy, it is possible to produce sustainable materials, products and solutions with a smaller carbon footprint. Thermally treated wood is a good alternative to other building materials, as carbon emissions from wood are reduced during thermal treatment and the life of the wood is extended.


Responsible wood sourcing

We carefully monitor where the wood comes from. We source only the best quality wood from sustainably managed forests around the world. This helps reduce the negative impact of deforestation.


Thermal modification technology

Thermo-treated wood is more durable and less sensitive to moisture and insects. This extends the life of the wood.


Environmental management systems

Thermory implements an environmental management system and has Nordic Swan Ecolabel, PEFC, FSC certificates, which help us to better monitor and purposefully mitigate our environmental impact.

Small steps every day can lead to outstanding outcomes

Our long term goal

Small steps every day can lead to outstanding outcomes. It is a long journey we are on and we know we’ll learn and improve along the way. We have created a roadmap of strategic initiatives that we are continuously working on.

Strategic initiative #1: Apply circular economy solutions and reduce product life cycle impact through smart production

We have carried out EPD analyses of our products and are committed to further improve our results.

We consider and guide customers to make the most of our blank width. This way we use up less valuable resources and reduce waste.

Our thermally modified wood is a natural material produced with heat and steam only – and without chemicals. The purpose of the thermal treatment process is to extend the life of the wood. This enables our products to act as a carbon storage from one generation to the next.

We are dedicated to the development of projects together with experienced designers to lower the environmental impacts of our products by identifying circular economy principles. Our goal is to find a use for all raw materials and thereby reduce the product’s footprint and promote smart production.

For over a decade we have found ways to improve material use and reduce waste by implementing new designs, for example a finger threading machine to make use of shorter scraps of raw material, we have created products from our production waste like Shingles thermo-ash cladding and Herringbone modular thermo-ash decking, press leftover wood into glulam and use our production waste in our boiler houses.

Strategic initiative #2: Improve energy efficiency and reduce direct carbon footprint

We built a new, more energy-efficient boiler house at our Loo production unit in 2022. It allows us to use renewable energy and our own production waste for heating.

The new Loo thermal kilns, installed in 2021, are 40% more energy efficient.

All electricity used at Thermory since 2021 is green energy.

In 2021, we installed 100 kw solar panels at the Loo factory.

Replacing the vehicle fleet with a CO2 neutral alternative in the next years.

Plans in place to reduce our direct CO2 emissions. We are assessing the carbon footprint of our production and products yearly and making necessary steps to reduce it.

Plans for a transition to 100% renewable energy sources.

Strategic initiative #3: Reduce waste generation

For catering our production employees, we use Ringo’s reusable food packaging since 2022.

We are finding and implementing solutions to make our product packaging more sustainable.

We are dedicated to reducing waste and make sure it`s recycled through proper waste sorting principles.

In 2023 we used our own production leftovers to produce waste sorting bins for our offices.

Strategic initiative #4: Stand for safe and ethical way of working and doing business

The main emphasis of our safety culture is achieving the goal of zero work accidents. For that we have implemented LEAN and 6S principles in all locations.

We focus on building a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Improve and actively promote Speak Up system to have a working anonymous issue raising channel.

We support universities and vocational schools by generating study materials and giving lectures.

We support and have an active role in Wooden Architecture Competence Center.

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