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Thermory Benchmark thermo-pine cladding

The perfect Thermory thermowood cladding board is durable and stable, with a flawless finish

Real wood is a uniquely cozy and beautifully textured material that carries a strong aesthetic message. Thermory offers a wide range of timber cladding boards with a variety of profiles and surface finishes. 

Wood is a versatile construction material that can be used to decorate building façades and create coziness indoors – it’s elegant, eye-catching, and functional, yet weatherproof even in the most demanding climatic conditions. Our selection of interior and exterior cladding products includes both naturally processed materials and nature-friendly boards that come coated with water-based paints. 

Our timber cladding boards undergo thermal modification, which gives them unrivaled durability and dimensional stability that runs all the way through to the core. The thermal modification process uses just heat and steam, making our products an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical hardwoods and chemical treatment. 

Thermory thermowood cladding benefits: 



Our products are made from 100% real wood



Wood from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification 



The wood becomes more durable and its moisture content decreases



A smooth look with no visible screws

Thermory endmatching


Reduces waste, saves expenses

Thermory eco-friendly_process


Committed to environmental responsibility

Thermory easy installation


Innovative and simple fixing methods



Timeless timber cladding with unequaled stability

Thermory’s Benchmark ash cladding combines the timeless sophistication of real wood with exceptional durability, meticulous milling, and easy installation. With Benchmark thermo-ash cladding, your walls are guaranteed to be well protected and look great. 

Thermory Benchmark thermo-pine mix and match cladding


Real wood cladding that your walls have been pining for

Enhance your walls with Thermory’s durable and surprisingly easy-to-install Benchmark pine cladding, with decades of rot resistance, unrivaled dimensional stability, and a naturally beautiful appearance featuring distinctive knots. 

We can offer our thermo-pine with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Wood carrying this Ecolabel comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical freechemical- andfree, and offers great durability in outdoor conditions. 

Thermory Radiata Pine Cladding New Zealand


Thermally modified radiata pine – beautiful and durable

Radiata pine is knot-free and when thermally modified, it’s also durable and more stable. Ideal cladding material to create a naturally beautiful and elegant wood façade with easy installation. 

Thermory Spruce brushed and oiled cladding_ash decking_flooring Villart tiny house


Highly durable cladding combined with natural beauty

Our Benchmark thermo-spruce cladding is a softwood solution that offers exceptional rot resistance and longevity alongside rustic knots and a naturally light color. 

We can offer our Thermo-Spruce with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Eco-labeled wood comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical-free, and is very durable in outdoor conditions. 

Thermory Red oak cladding


Exclusive hardwood with inherent beauty and sophistication

Attractive reddish-brown cladding is designed for those seeking nothing less than the best in quality and style.

Delicate rays on the wood’s surface create a unique and characteristic look, delivering real wood aesthetics and unrivalled charm that no other material can match.


Sophistication untamed – the look you want, the stability you need


You’re a boundary-pusher – a free-thinker with big ideas, who leaves behind a legacy that others can only dream of. You’re here to break the mold, and you didn’t come all this way to sneak along well-worn paths. You’re the kind of person who tears up the map and fiercely follows your passions. Let’s be disrupters. Let’s be fearless and make some waves. Let your imagination loose and choose a solution from our Rebel Series that brings your unique character into your home or office. 





An ancient cladding tradition with reliably modern performance

Hundreds of years ago, Japanese woodworkers discovered that they could prolong the life of the wood by charring the exposed surface. This process, called yakisugi, created enviable results that are still in high demand. Ignite combines the stunning look of yakisugi with superior strength and durability all the way to the core. And unlike with charred wood, there’s no messy residue – just lasting beauty that’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Compared to the charred wood surface, Ignite cladding boards have a significantly longer maintenance interval. We recommend applying maintenance paint after 5- for Ignite 5, and after 7 for Ignite 7



Rugged yet refined spruce cladding

Kodiak spruce cladding combines the rugged texture of the wilderness with our expert thermal modification and meticulous milling processes. Each board is thermally modified, resulting in environmentally friendly products with a natural beauty that lasts for generations. Luxurious wide boards mean that a wall clad with Kodiak has fewer seams, ensuring a clean, modern look and allowing for quicker installation. 

We can offer our thermo-spruce with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Eco-labeled wood comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical-free and very durable in outdoor conditions. 


Excellent resistance against decay and diverse weather conditions 


Thermory’s Vivid coated cladding selection is a high-quality solution that makes any building stand out from the crowd. The spruce and pine products undergo an intense thermal modification process that uses only heat and steam to give exceptional stability and durability. 

The lightweight, easy-to-install boards are brushed to enhance their natural pattern. For a long-lasting finish, the wood is then coated with water-based paints that are environmentally friendly and have been tested in the harshest climates. 




A weathered wood look that lasts for decades


If you like the look of weathered wood, Vivid Silvered is perfect for you. Thermally modified pine or spruce is brushed and prepainted with either a light or dark silver-gray color. Over time, the wood beneath the coating becomes visible as the paint wears off, eventually turning gray. Vivid Silvered doesn’t require any specific maintenance – it just needs to be cleaned every few years. 



Sophisticated cladding with the natural look of exposed timber

Vivid Translucent cladding boards undergo intense thermal modification for enhanced durability and dimensional stability. They are then coated with a translucent color that allows the wood’s gorgeous natural pattern to shine through. 

The maintenance interval for Vivid Translucent products is about 7 years depending on the climate conditions. 



Vivid Opaque cladding – go wild with your walls!


Simply select your preferred color and profile to create a siding solution with its own unique appeal. 

The thermally modified Vivid Opaque cladding boards are coated with weatherproof paint, giving a maintenance interval of about 10 years depending on the climate conditions. Vivid Opaque is available with both visible screws and hidden fixing. 


Symmetrical patterns and unique lines for an attractive geometric style that’s easy to install. 


For those seeking a look that’s extra special, our Designer Series could be the ideal cladding material. With products made from durable thermally modified ash and arranged in eye-catching geometric patterns, Thermory’s Designer Series allows you to completely transform the style and atmosphere of any space. In addition, we’ve made an extra-special effort to ensure that all the products in this series are easy to install. 


Stripes thermo-spruce cladding CAR10


Ribbed cladding that is a breeze to install

Stripes series gives your walls a stylish open look while offering the weather protection and easy installation of closed-jointed cladding. This unique wood cladding series for interior and exterior use cleverly mimics the appearance of open-jointed cladding thanks to painted black stripes in the panel grooves that create an illusion of hollowness.

Thermory Shingles thermo-ash cladding, Pipedrive office, photo Marita Mones


Add a timelessly elegant texture to your walls!

Thermory Shingles, with its resawn surface, is a trendy way to add texture to your interior or exterior walls. Intense thermal modification process increases the wood’s dimensional stability and durability while bringing out its natural beauty. Like all Thermory products, when left untreated the shingles will naturally gray over time, bringing a uniquely elegant tone to your design. 

Choose individual shingles or shingle panels for your wallcovering. Shingle panels S2-E are easily installed with PaCS®, offering a superior solution with a complex aesthetic. Shingle panels S2BBME and S2-BBMS combine Thermory Ash shingles on Baltic birch plywood with a vapor-permeable roof membrane. These panels have a tongue-and-groove fitting, and can be nailed onto joists or flat surfaces with ease. Both designs are available with even and staggered options. 

Why thermally modified wood?

Thermory thermowood cladding is the most reliable option if you’re looking for a durable and dimensionally stable material for outdoor conditions.

The high temperature of thermal modification changes the structure of the wood, significantly improving its durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Thermally modified wood is also more dimensionally stable due to its lower moisture content, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Thermal modification process gives the wood a delightful darker tone.

It also improves the wood’s sound and thermal insulation performance.

The added stability of thermally modified wood means that the paint on timber cladding boards lasts longer and the maintenance interval is prolonged.

Read more about thermal modification



We source our raw materials with care in order to preserve forests and provide unrivaled products, and our lumber surpasses industry grading standards to ensure that our thermowood cladding products exceed even the highest expectations.

Intensly modified Thermo-Spruce and Thermo-Pine can be ordered with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. When you buy eco-labeled products, you consume more responsibly and thus save nature.

Thermory’s thermally modified products have been tested by CATAS and awarded the high durability classifications:

  • Thermory Ash and Spruce – Class 1, highest durability rating (25+ years)
  • Thermory Pine – Class 2, high durability rating (15+ years)

Premium products deserve the best installation solutions

Our extremely durable state-of-the-art products are also quick and easy to install. We have developed innovative installation systems and methods that offer solutions to some of the most pervasive problems in the woodwork industry. And most importantly, they save your time and money.

Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash cladding

Thermory thermowood cladding maintenance

Thermally modified cladding boards don’t require surface treatment. Like any untreated wood, the surface of Thermory products will naturally turn silver-gray over time – this process starts immediately and can take anything from a few months to a few years depending on the levels of UV radiation they’re exposed to. However, this does not make the wood less durable.

If you would like to preserve the tone of thermally modified wood, we recommend oiling the boards once a year using a UV-resistant oil.

Thermory Ignite cladding, New American Home, Nevada USA, Photo Jeffrey A. Davis Photography

Prepainted cladding

Prepainted exterior cladding helps your facade stand out in the sea of sidings. The thermal modification changes the chemical and physical properties of wood, and therefore, surface treatment is optional for aesthetic reasons. In the case of thermowood cladding boards that have been coated with paint, please observe the maintenance instructions for the specific product.

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