Stripes series – ribbed cladding that is a breeze to install

Thermory’s Stripes series gives your walls a stylish open look while offering weather protection and easy installation of closed-jointed cladding.

This unique wood cladding series for interior and exterior use cleverly mimics the appearance of open-jointed cladding thanks to painted black stripes in the panel grooves that create an illusion of hollowness.

Stripes by Thermory is available with a choice of profiles and wood species.


Stripes thermo-spruce cladding CAR10


Makes the wood more durable and lowers its moisture content

Thermory wood dimensional stability


Dimensionally stable


Highest class for wood durability

Thermory easy installation


Ready to install – saves costs

factory painted cladding


Painted with durable water-based colors

Why choose Stripes by Thermory cladding?

Closed cladding offers better wind and heat insulation that its open counterpart, which is particularly beneficial when it’s installed outdoors

It’s much easier and quicker to install, with fewer requirements for the substructure and no need to painstakingly check the panel alignment and spacing

If you want, you can use an insect net, which open cladding doesn’t allow for – there’s also no risk of birds and insects making their nests between the battens

Closed cladding can be installed with hidden fixings, which is impossible with open cladding

Stripes thermo-spruce cladding CAR10


Gorgeous wood cladding that’s delightfully knotty

Thermally modified spruce features attractive natural knots that give your cladding character and visual appeal.

Thermory Stripes Thermo-pine cladding C8G 26x140


Honey-colored and naturally knotty

Thermo-pine stands out with its dimensional stability and a naturally beautiful appearance featuring distinctive knots that are highlighted by the dark grooves of Stripes cladding.

Thermory Stripes thermo-radiata pine interior cladding CAR3 20x138 mm


Durable, beautiful, and no knots in sight

Thermally modified radiata pine is durable, stable and naturally knot free. This beautiful wood, which is available with our CAR3 profile in the Thermory Stripes series, is easy to install and offers a naturally elegant look.

With Thermory, durability and stability come as standard

Thermory’s thermally modified Stripes cladding is treated with just heat and steam for a durable, dimensionally stable and rot-resistant finish. Our intense thermal modification process gives the wood the highest available durability rating, meaning the stunning natural look of your walls will be protected for decades to come. The consistently exceptional quality of our products is guaranteed thanks to our highly experienced wood specialists.

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