• Unoiled and unfinished
  • Oak
  • Benchmark thermo red oak
  • Cladding
  • Interiors
  • D4 SG2

Thermory Benchmark thermo-oak D4 sg2

Thermory Benchmark thermo-oak D4 sg2

  • Cladding
  • Interiors
  • Oak
  • Intense
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Thermally modified oak is a premium hardwood species that is part of our Benchmark series. Attractive reddish-brown cladding is designed for those seeking nothing less than the best in quality and style.

Thermo-oak features the same superior durability as thermo-ash. Delicate rays on the wood’s surface create a unique and characteristic look, delivering real wood aesthetics and unrivalled charm that no other material can match. The oak cladding gives the walls an elegant and timeless finish that will retain their noble appearance as the wood ages gracefully.

Species: Thermally modified red oak

Modification level: Intense

Application: Cladding

Use: Exterior, interior

Finish: Unoiled

Texture: Smooth

Installation types: Hidden, visible

Installation methods: PaCS, screws, clips

Durability class: 1 (25+ years’ protection against wood decay)


Datasheet, thermo-oak cladding and decking


Uni Clip Installation Guide


Thermo-oak product sheet


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