Benchmark series cladding – attractive real wood cladding that ticks all the boxes

Timeless, functional, durable and environmentally friendly – that’s exactly what our Benchmark Series is all about. Each board is thermally modified, resulting in naturally beautiful and environmentally friendly products that last for generations.

Depending on the profile, Benchmark timber cladding can be installed with screws, clips or PaCS – the world’s simplest screwless system. Most profiles can be ordered with an end-matching solution, meaning that the joints don’t have to rest on joists, dramatically reducing wastage, labor costs and installation time.

Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash cladding C20, Private house- n Saaremaa, Estonia
Thermory Benchmark thermo-ash decking and cladding, Nature Resort in Estonia, architect Mari Hunt, photo Elvo Jakobson


Timeless cladding with unequalled stability

Thermory’s Benchmark ash cladding combines the timeless sophistication of real wood with exceptional durability, meticulous milling and easy installation. With Benchmark thermo-ash cladding, your walls are guaranteed to be well protected and look great.

Thermory Benchmark thermo-pine cladding


The real wood cladding that your walls have been pining for

Enhance your walls with Thermory’s durable and surprisingly easy-to-install Benchmark pine cladding, with decades of rot resistance, unrivaled dimensional stability and a naturally beautiful appearance featuring distinctive knots.

We can offer our thermo-pine with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Wood carrying this Ecolabel comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical free and offers great durability in outdoor conditions.

Thermory radiata pine


Thermally modified radiata pine – beautiful and durable

Radiata pine is knot-free and when thermally modified, it’s also durable and more stable. Create a naturally beautiful and elegant wood façade with easy installation.

Thermory Spruce brushed and oiled cladding_ash decking_flooring Villart tiny house


Highly durable cladding combined with natural beauty

Our Benchmark thermo-spruce cladding is a softwood solution that offers exceptional rot resistance and longevity alongside rustic knots and a naturally light color.

We can offer our Thermo-Spruce with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Eco-labeled wood comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical-free and very durable in outdoor conditions.

Thermory Red oak cladding


Exclusive hardwood with inherent beauty and sophistication

Attractive reddish-brown cladding is designed for those seeking nothing less than the best in quality and style.

Delicate rays on the wood’s surface create a unique and characteristic look, delivering real wood aesthetics and unrivalled charm that no other material can match.

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