Create an elegant herringbone patterned deck with ease

In the past, a terrace may have been just a practical outdoor area, but nowadays it needs to reflect the style of your home and communicate your personal taste while fulfilling your family’s needs. Thermory’s Herringbone decking range ticks all the boxes with the inimitably smooth and pleasant touch of natural wood.

The Herringbone range is made using our Benchmark thermo-ash, which boasts the highest available durability class as well as being dimensionally stable and knot free with a rich, deep tone. Thermally modified wood is natural, chemical free and harmless to the environment.

Installing a stylish herringbone deck is quicker and easier than ever before thanks to the innovative Thermory Herringbone modular system – your deck will be ready to use in less than a third of the normal time!

Application: Decking
Species: Thermally modified ash
Modification level: Intense
Use: Exterior
Durability class: 1 (25+ years’ protection against wood decay)
Finish: Unoiled
Texture: Smooth
Installation types: Hidden
Installation methods: Screws, modular system

Comfortable, knot-free decking that’s naturally durable

knot_free wood


An even, aesthetically pleasing look and feel



A splinter-free, comfortable deck



Thermally modified wood is more durable with a lower moisture content

Thermory cladding durability


Thermory’s thermo-ash cladding has the highest available durability class



Wood sourced from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification



The decking doesn’t overheat in the sun


Our Herringbone deck is made with special modules

The decking modules and starter and end cap modules are sold separately, allowing you to purchase just the parts you need for your deck size.

Basic module size: 28 x 812 x 1968 mm
Basic module package contents: Four Herringbone basic modules (covering 1.6 m²), stainless steel screws, installation instructions

Additional parts included in every other box: One spacer wedge and two strips for fixing on the back of modules to install the edge piece

Starter and end cap module size: 28 x 1624 x 394 mm
Starter and end module package contents: Two starter modules and two end cap modules, stainless steel screws

Herringbone decking modules are made with Benchmark thermo-ash

Ash (Fraxinus excelsior or Fraxinus americana) is a deciduous tree of the Oleaceae family that grows in Europe and North America. Ash wood is valuable, durable and strong, and with its decorative look and attractive texture, it’s the perfect material for walls and floor surfaces. Thermal modification gives ash exceptional durability and an exotic tone, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical deciduous trees.

Why choose Herringbone thermo-ash decking?

If you’re looking for a beautiful herringbone pattern with a durable and stable material that’s suitable for outdoor use, Thermory’s Herringbone thermo-ash decking is ideal for you.

Thermally modified ash is an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical wood – our wood comes from sustainably managed forestsand we never purchase timber that originates from endangered woodland, tropical forests or rainforests.

Thermally modified ash has similar durability characteristics to tropical wood (class 1, 25+ years) with superior dimensional stability.

Thermally modified wood’s lower moisture absorption capability and rate results in less moisture-induced deformation, which means that the wood shrinks and expands less when used outdoors.

Our thermally modified ash is a nature-friendly material as no chemicals are used and no harmful waste is generated in the thermal modification

Read more about thermal modification

Creating a herringbone pattern using our Herringbone modules is incredibly easy

We recommend using thermally modified ash or spruce joists with durability class 1 (25+ years) for the substructure. This way, the substructure will last as long as your

The Thermory Herringbone decking modules match up perfectly so that you can effortlessly create an even herringbone pattern.

The starter and end cap modules make it easyto install the start and end of eachrow. They are sold separately from the regular decking modules so you can order what you need to build a decking area with the required size.

The mounting strips align the boards, making installation easy.

Stainless-steel screws are included with the decking modules.

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