Thermal Modificaction

We naturally enhance wood using only heat and steam

Between our expert wood scientists and exceedingly high sourcing standards, that’s all we need to create products that set the bar for rot resistance and longevity.

thermal modifications

Our process sets the bar and challenges the industry to try to keep up.

Real wood products with beauty and stability to the core. Decking, cladding and porch flooring with unequalled longevity and lasting natural beauty.

  • Owning Our Technology

    Our proprietary process uses advanced technology and 20,000 square ft. chambers to yield consistent, superior results in every batch.

  • Masterminding The Process

    Our wood scientists control our modification process and tirelessly pursue perfection in every board. From temperature to fan speed, each batch is tailored to optimize results.

  • Creating Superior Products

    Our wood scientists and unrivaled process come together to create products that change the landscape of the wood industry - products that offer valuable solutions to the problems you face.

Complete modification of every fiber.

Our process modifies each board completely, all the way through the core, leading to unrivaled durability and stability. At Thermory, we believe product quality is paramount, so we work hard on mastering our technology and innovate to stay ahead.

Rot resitant

Every fiber of the board is naturally enhanced with just heat and steam.

Exceptional Durability

Rot-resistance that few products, exotic or chemically engineered, come close to equalling.

Stands Up To Moisture

Our products offer significantly
reduced absorbency.

Smooth-Kissed Milling. Touch it. Feel it. Love it.

Our milling process is an area of expertise we are really proud of. We call it Smooth-Kissed Milling and it delivers boards so consistently smooth, you’ll want to touch it to believe it. Each board is smooth, straight and reliable. We don’t settle for a good result, and you shouldn’t either.

Thermory Takes Testing Seriously

Our products are consistently proven through third-party test results.

Rot resistance






The Results?
Beautiful, natural and refined.

Our boards are a stunning combination of natural beauty and enhanced function. The results of our innovative process are products that are highly rot resistant without sacrificing strength or pliability. Products with extraordinary longevity and rich, beautiful color.

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Your next project with Thermory

Once you use Thermory, you’ll never look at wood the same way again. For decking, cladding, porch flooring or anything else you use wood for, Thermory sets the bar for beauty and longevity.

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