Who are the people making Thermory what it is?

For more than a few decades, we have worked with many like-minded people around the world to solve the most complex construction challenges. This includes architects, designers, builders, distributors, and Thermory’s skilled woodworkers, all of whom believe that wood is the most ecologically clean material and a renewable natural resource with a minimal carbon footprint. We are united by common beliefs and feelings.

Defined by our shared values

We are interested in the future – not just for a better environment, although this is a good starting point. For the Thermory Tribe, wood is not just a renewable resource, but a material with which we share a genetic connection. Coming from the same place and going through a similar lifecycle, we recognize this common vibration and the shared experience that has been stored in the cells of both trees and humans for millennia. We believe that if the world continues to be increasingly dominated by plastics and artificial chemicals, our species’ sense of primal commonality with nature will fade and our ancestral legacy will be lost. On the other hand, by revisiting and further developing ancient wisdom, we can create sustainable solutions with wood that can be embraced and further developed by future generations.

The challenge for today’s Thermory generation is to make life cleaner and more sustainable

At Thermory, we do this in an environmentally friendly way, treating wood with just three components – heat, steam and knowledge. Without chemicals, and without additives. This reduces the ecological footprint of the finished products, which are easy to reuse because there is no need to process them in a resource-intensive way.

We value simplicity when creating our products, and we make them for people like us who share our values. To make it easy to find the right material for a room, yard or other environment, Thermory products are divided into clear categories, and they come with human-friendly instructions that make installation an enjoyable experience. By respecting wood as a historical material with a human connection, we create values that will last for generations.

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