Distributor spotlight: Komplex Market

Komplex Market is a family business based in Poland that specializes in profiled wood and wood-based products, which are carefully sourced from factories around the world. Komplex Market’s timber showroom is the largest in Poland, and the company’s extensive storage facilities ensure it can efficiently service projects across the country. With almost 20 years’ background in this competitive marketplace, Komplex Market’s customers are guaranteed high-quality products from proven suppliers.

Komplex Market has been Thermory’s exclusive Polish distributor since 2013, at which time the company specialized in construction timber and economical soffits and façades. We asked Sales Manager Kinga Liebchen-Kondraciuk to share the story of Komplex Market’s partnership with Thermory and its effect on the business.

How did Komplex Market begin working with Thermory?

Due to changes in the market, we felt the need to get into highly profiled products. In particular, we became interested in thermally modified wood, and so we began connecting with European manufacturers. We met with Thermory’s co-founder Meelis Kajandu, and as soon as we experienced the range and quality of the products we knew this was it!

How did the partnership progress from there?

Things were not so easy to begin with – due to the poor quality of the products available in Poland at that time, thermally modified wood had a bad reputation in our domestic market. It took us almost two years to convince our customers that it is actually an excellent material.

At some point, we realized that our customers were no longer asking for thermally modified wood, but specifically for Thermory – that proved to us that our work to promote the products had achieved the desired effect. Fortunately, the quality of Thermory’s products also spoke for itself, which made our job much easier.

Which Thermory products do you offer?

As Thermory’s exclusive distributor in Poland, we offer a wide range of profiles and styles – not only façades and decking boards, but also profiles for interiors and saunas. We love the variety of profiles and options offered by Thermory, and we look forward to every new innovation.

What has been the impact of your relationship with Thermory?

The thing we value the most about Thermory – aside from the excellent service of course – is the high quality of the products, which reinforces the producer’s brand. We also appreciate the opportunities our partnership gives us to create new markets and trends in our industry. Thermory’s strong marketing background also supports our efforts and strengthens the cooperation.

Thanks to Thermory, our business has entered another level. Not only do we work with developers, builders and contractors, but also with architects – this is key, as it enables us to influence current market trends and have an impact on the reality of our industry.

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