Certifications and testing


We value wood. We care for forests. We have high wood quality, durability and environmental performance requirements for our suppliers.

Knowing how long it takes for forests and ecosystems to recover, we wholeheartedly support sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection. We feel great responsibility towards wood. Our wood material is carefully examined and originates from sustainably managed forests, never from endangered forests, tropical forests or rainforests. The legality and origin of material coming from outside the European Union is checked in accordance with the requirements of the European Timber Regulation.
If desired, we can supply our wood materials with the certificates listed below.


Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan is an ecolabel created to reduce the environmental impact of the production and consumption of goods. It helps consumers and companies choose the most environmentally friendly goods and services, guaranteeing conformity of the product to environmental and quality requirements.

Thermory’s pine and spruce products that have undergone intense thermal modification have acquired the Nordic Swan license for the following product group: 086 Durable/resistant wood for outdoor use. / NORDIC-ECOLABEL.ORG

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

As a pioneer of forest certification, the FSC has 25 years’ experience in sustainable forest management. The FSC is the major spokesman for better forest management, globally promoting the trend of more sustainable use, conservation and recovery of forests. / FSC.ORG

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

Most of our softwood comes from PEFC-certified forestry.
PEFC is a worldwide federation of national forest certification systems. As an international non-profit association it is committed to promoting sustainable forestry via independent third parties. / pefc.org

ISO Quality Management Systems Certificate

Our Reola production unit has acquired the ISO 9001 certificate.
ISO 9001 defines the criteria of the quality management system and helps ensure the consistency and quality of products and services.


Declaration of performance gives info about product quality and manufacturer is assuring with CE-label that product is corresponding to EN14915 standards.

Thermory’s products are thoroughly tested

Rot resistant

No formaldehyde excreted



Termite resistance

Our products’ durability has been tested by CATAS

CATAS is one of the largest test and applied research laboratories in Europe. / CATAS.COM
Thermory’s intensely thermally modified products have been tested by CATAS who has confirmed the following durability classes:

  • Thermory’s Thermo-Ash – Class 1, highest durability class (rot resistance 25+ years)
  • Thermory’s Thermo-Spruce – Class 1, highest durability class (rot resistance 25+ years)
  • Thermory’s Thermo-Pine – Class 2, highest durability class (rot resistance up to 25 years)