Juniper plate from Thermory – a feast for your senses

We’re really rather fond of juniper at Thermory – as well as being an extremely attractive wood with an appealing aroma, it offers a multitude of health benefits and it has a strong cultural connection with our native Estonia. That’s why we’ve chosen to celebrate this special evergreen with a decorative juniper plate that you can enjoy in your sauna.

Juniper has a lot to offer

Juniper is a very special wood – dense, strong, and naturally attractive thanks to its annual growth rings with a lovely aroma that remains with the wood for a long time. The plant has many benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal, however. It’s well known that juniper berries (which are not actually berries, but seed cones) give gin its distinctive flavor, but they’re also rich in many essential nutrients including vitamin C and antioxidants. Additionally, they’ve been found to provide protection against various bacteria and fungi, while oil from the berries can produce an anti-inflammatory effect.

More about juniper in Wikipedia. Photo: Wikipedia

Estonia’s relationship with juniper

Juniper is a very popular wood in Estonia, and the shrub grows abundantly in many of the country’s islands and coastal areas. Souvenir shops up and down the land sell all kinds of objects made from the wood, including spoons, coasters and other utensils. No self-respecting Estonian family would invite guests into their kitchen if there wasn’t at least one item there made from juniper, and when used for items that provide heat protection such as trivets, it’s known to release its gorgeous, long-lasting scent into the air when coming into contact with hot pans.

Enhance your sauna with a juniper wall

In addition to its visual appeal, the aroma of juniper is brought out by heat and steam in the sauna. This fragranced air is said to carry protective health benefits, making juniper the perfect sauna material. Thermory juniper plate is a unique design element that can be used as a feature wall in your sauna in combination with other panel types. With its naturally distinctive pattern, pleasant aroma and decorative appeal, a juniper plate will give your relaxation space its own unique look, feel and scent.

Below just some design ideas how to use juniper plate in your sauna.