• Spruce
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Thermory Kodiak thermo-spruce D4B sg

Thermory Kodiak thermo-spruce D4B sg

  • Spruce
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Our thermo-spruce, sourced in Scandinavia, offers a softwood solution with exceptional rot resistance and longevity combined with rustic knots and a naturally light color. When installing, it’s important to ensure that the heartwood (the side of the board closer to the center of the tree) is facing downwards.

We can offer our thermo-spruce decking with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Wood that carries this Ecolabel comes from responsibly managed forests, is chemical free and offers great durability in outdoor conditions.

Application: Decking

Species: Thermally modified spruce

Modification level: Intense

Use: Exterior

Finish: Unoiled

Texture: Brushed

Installation types: Hidden

Installation methods: PaCS clip

Durability class: 1 (25+ years’ protection against wood decay)

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