Thermory Oil for Thermally Modified Wood - Thermory

Thermally modified decking maintenance

All Thermory decking boards undergo intense thermal modification and are durable, stable and rot-resistance without additional surface treatment. However, using the correct installation and supplemental maintenance techniques will result in the most beautiful and long-lasting decking.

Deck maintenance. To oil or not to oil?

Thermally modified decking boards do not necessarily require surface treatment, but regular maintenance and oiling will refresh the appearance of your deck and make it easier to clean.

We recommend cleaning and maintaining the deck before the start of the summer season.

Lightly sanding faded boards will remove the silvery surface colour and restore the wood’s original appearance.

If you would like to preserve or change the tone of thermally modified wood, apply UV-resistant oil to the boards once a year.

If you would like to preserve the tone of boards that have turned grey over time, use colourless oil without a UV filter on the boards.

The oil should be applied only to clean, level, dust-free surfaces.