The Bold Look You Want. The Stability You Need.

Drift gives you the stunning look of reclaimed wood without the unknowns. You still get the unequalled stability and rot resistance of our standard products, though. So go ahead – defy convention with Drift, and create the bold real wood aesthetic you want without sacrificing durability.

The Look Of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood and barn wood have an irresistibly rustic aesthetic. Drift uses thermally modified spruce to create a weathered look nearly indistinguishable from reclaimed wood. In fact, in a side-by-side test, even experts struggle to see the difference.

The Colors You’ve Been Craving

Drift comes in a number of realistically-weathered colors, allowing you to create the exact look you desire for your space. With a water-based stain and brushed texture, Drift paves the way to the silvered look of naturally aged wood, offering beautiful transitions on its journey. Use Drift to break the mold and create the aesthetic you want (without sacrificing durability). We dare you.

The Stability Of Thermory

Reclaimed wood may look beautiful, but it’s riddled with risks and unknowns like insect droppings, insecticides, lead, adhesives and stray nails. Drift offers the stability and durability Thermory is known for, with no harmful chemicals or unknowns. In fact, Drift comes with a 20+ year rot resistance rating!

Like all Thermory wood, Drift is thermally modified using only heat and steam. Our process is engineered by master wood scientists, delivering boards that are stunningly consistent in quality. Reclaimed wood is a gamble, but Thermory Drift is a guarantee.

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