Bold wall panels with a rustic look that you’ll love

Thermory’s Drift Series is characterized by rustic wood wall panels with a gently worn appearance that gives the look of reclaimed wood without compromising on durability. Just like all of our materials, this wood is extremely stable and durable.

Take a step off the beaten path to create bold solutions with the aesthetics of reclaimed wood and guaranteed quality.



Drift by Thermory cladding is made with 100% real wood

Thermory brushed wood


Highlights the wood’s natural grain



Thermally modified wood is more durable with a lower moisture content



Wood sourced from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification



No maintenance required – the color harmonizes with the wood’s natural tone

Thermory easy installation


Ready to install – saves costs

The colors you’ve been craving

The products in our Drift Series are available in gently worn, true-to-life colors that will give your surfaces a desirable weathered look. Choose between a mellow sandy hue and weathered gray tone. Drift’s luxuriously wide boards and rustic, chic colors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Drift wall panels don’t require any additional maintenance painting as the finish wears off over time to blend in with the wood’s natural gray color.

Colors: Black Pearl, Sandy Pearl

Genuine reclaimed wood, or Drift’s risk-free rustic chic?

Reclaimed wood may look beautiful, but it’s riddled with risks and unknowns like insect droppings, insecticides, lead, adhesives and stray nails. Drift offers the stability and durability that Thermory is known for without any harmful chemicals or other potential issues. In fact, Drift comes with a rot resistance rating of 25+ years!

There’s no need to wait years for the natural weathered look of reclaimed wood, as Drift gives a stylish rustic appearance straight away.

With Thermory, durability and stability come as standard

Like all of our thermally modified materials, Drift Series cladding is treated with just heat and steam. The consistently exceptional quality of our products is guaranteed thanks to our highly experienced wood specialists. While recycled wood presents all kinds of risks, Thermory Drift gives you total peace of mind.

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