Dune thermo-spruce wall panels – the touch of rugged nature in your home

Create a rustic yet modern style in your home with these effortlessly attractive textured wall panels. Dune by Thermory evokes the spirit of the desert, combining ruggedly worn spruce panels with a strikingly natural look and feel, all with the durability and dimensional stability that intense thermal modification provides.

Uncompromisingly stylish with a warm, natural charm, Dune interior wall panels have a unique texture and appearance thanks to their coarse embossed pattern that instantly transports you to the great outdoors. Unleash a stirring sense of adventure and natural harmony within the comfort of your own home.

Interior by Thermory
Dune by Thermory


Makes the wood more durable and lowers its moisture content


Showcasing the natural
beauty of spruce


Wood sourced from
responsible forests with
chemical-free thermal


Highest class for wood


Creates a beautiful
structure without changing
the wood’s properties


Our timber is carefully
inspected and harvested
from sustainably managed


Spruce produces less resin

Norway spruce (Picea abies) is a coniferous tree of the pine family in the genus Picea, that is widespread in Europe.

Without any treatment, spruce wood is lightweight, soft and almost white in color with medium mechanical properties. Spruce splits more easily than pine but it is less resinous. The wood is very well suited for thermal modification, which makes it significantly more durable and stable while also giving it a beautiful golden-brown tone.

With Thermory, durability and stability come as standard

Thermory’s thermally modified Dune cladding is treated with just heat and steam for a durable, dimensionally stable and rot-resistant finish. Our intense thermal modification process gives spruce the highest available durability rating (class 1, 25+ years), meaning the stunning natural look of your walls will be protected for decades to come. The consistently exceptional quality of our products is guaranteed thanks to our highly experienced wood specialists.

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