Interior trends 2024

Material selection can have a profound impact on the ambiance of interior spaces. Wood offers an unparalleled canvas for innovation and creativity and even though it is a timeless material, innovative wood products provide new ways to use it for contemporary interiors.

Wood is an enduring favorite in interior designers for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, its natural beauty and warmth add a sense of coziness and charm to any space, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and comfort.

Beyond aesthetics, wood also offers exceptional versatility, capable of complementing a wide range of design styles from traditional to modern, rustic to minimalist. Additionally, wood’s durability and longevity make it a practical choice for furniture, flooring, and accents, ensuring that investments in wooden elements stand the test of time.

Moreover, wood possesses unique sensory qualities, evoking a tactile connection with nature that resonates deeply with our innate desire for authenticity and connection to the environment. Whether used as a focal point or as subtle embellishments, the timeless appeal and inherent warmth of wood continue to make it a cornerstone of inspired interior design.


Darker wood tones

Current interior trends see a movement away from minimalist white and light aesthetic. Instead, interior architects are opting for richer and darker colors to create bolder and moodier spaces. That extends to the preferred wood tones.

When choosing wood panels or wooden floors, think thermally modified ash or red oak that have a rich chocolate brown tone that give an interior a cozy ambiance.

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Depth and texture

Textured walls are a trend that continues to captivate interior designers. And rightfully so. There are various ways to give your walls some texture – from moldings to different tactile paints, wallpapers, and more.

Interior designers recognize it as a contemporary means to infuse spaces with warmth and character. While a fresh coat of paint revitalizes interiors, textured wall treatments elevate them further, introducing depth and interest to the space. Specifying natural wood materials unlocks a world of tactile richness and inviting ambiance.


Floors matching the ceiling

Ceilings pack so much potential for totally altering the look of the space. We are glad that these often neglected surfaces are finally getting the attention they deserve!

But not to go overboard with each surface of the room making a statement, interior designers are wisely matching the material and tone used for flooring and ceiling.

Curves and bends

Organic shapes are one element of biophilic design principles that we see more and more used for interior spaces. Rounded corners in hallways make the footpath more intuitive, and cupboards feel less cumbersome, not to mention more elegant.

The same principle can also be applied to large wall spaces to create an accent wall. Rounded or fluted slat wall panels present a softer and more organic look.

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Wood for kitchen splashback

Tiles and stone are not the only options for a statement backsplash. Wood, with the right treatment, can be a stunning choice as well, adding warmth, texture, and character. Wooden worktops are often used, so why not try out a wooden backsplash?

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