Distributor Spotlight: McCormacks Australia

McCormacks Australia has been selling Thermory products since the end of 2022. They say the innovation is what sets Thermory apart from their competitors.

“The quality and the marketing that Thermory supports us with is amazing!” says Julia Hall, the CEO of McCormacks Australia.

McCormacks Australia is a family business that has been sourcing the most beautiful timber in Victoria for two decades. It’s an industry leader in structural hardwood products, with innovation at the heart of its strategy for the future.

McCormacks Australia’s three pillars are:
• Beautiful – for inspiration
• Functional – for products that do what they promise
• Sustainable – for the product life cycle and also how they do business.

We asked Julia Hall, the CEO of McCormacks Australia, to tell us more about their partnership with Thermory and the values both companies share.

Julia Hall,
CEO McCormacks Australia

How did you hear about Thermory?

We heard about Thermory from a local agent. They introduced us. And then we had a meeting with the sales director Katrin.

I had already gone through the Thermory website and realized: “Oh, wow, our values actually match up very well with Thermory!”. And then we had the meeting with Katrin. We took her through our values and our pillars. And she was the same: “Wow, it just matches up really well!”.

McCormacks was a traditional timber wholesaler. In 2019 the Victorian government announced that in 2030 they would be ending native logging in Victoria, so we had to come up with a new strategy.

In 2021, I started working with McCormacks around introducing new products to the market that were beautiful, functional and sustainable. These products were going to be different to what people could find in Australia, they had to be unique.

Finding new and innovative products from across the globe is difficult and when we came across Thermory we knew it was a good fit. Their quality and back up is so good. The team work hard to support us every day.

What do you value about Thermory?

The quality and definitely the marketing that Thermory supports us with is amazing. Having their team to work with around launching new products and making sure that all the marketing material looks professional and of a high quality, they make it so much easier!

We’ve got a really good marketing team here and I have a sales and marketing background, so that probably makes it slightly easier for us. But these guys, they just speak our language on marketing. It’s so good! And then also knowing the quality that comes in, it just makes it so much easier.

Thermory is the largest thermal modification company in the world, which is one of the reasons we wanted to partner with them. But the innovation that they have, this is what sets them apart from their competitors.

We’ve just recently worked on a new product with them, CAR3-G which will be part of our new STRIPES range. Even just being able to speak to the technical manager there and to work on that profile was just such a good experience for us. I love working with them!

We worked with the team and made it so that it’s a now a secret nail profile. Perfect for those al fresco ceilings. So, our stock arrives in April. That’s the only thing I wish that they were closer.

How has Thermory helped you expand your business?

It’s definitely opened doors for us with architects, because the Thermory products are so beautiful, they just grab people’s eye. So, when we go into an architect or a builder or a showroom and we talk about Thermory, we have their attention.

And it’s also lifted our profile as McCormacks Australia because we were known mainly just as a normal timber wholesaler. Thermory has helped to lift our profile.

And obviously we’ve worked hard to get these other projects like the sauna on “The Block”.

So, if you think about the McCormacks brand, we used to be called McCormack Hardwood Sales — we were known as the F17 structural hardwood outlet. If you wanted F17, you rang us.

Now, when people think of McCormacks Australia, they think Thermory, they think Magnum Board, they think saveBOARD. They know that we’re doing different things now. So, Thermory was part of this new journey to lift ourselves up into a different part of the market.

And our sales obviously have lifted, we would never have gotten these sales before. It has been significant extra turnover for the business, which is obviously good.

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