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Make your walls move with Motion

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Modern wall paneling can define a space, while also adding interest and character. From narrow hallways to spacious living areas, Motion by Thermory wall panels add momentum to an interior and are an easy and contemporary way to introduce natural wood to your home. The variety of available colors, shapes and sizes give your walls an extra edge and a beautiful flow. Choose wider wall panels for a traditional look or up the pace with more structural options. Either way, Motion by Thermory will add a sense of movement to any space.

Thermory Motion wall panels benefits:

You have to touch it to believe it

An unbeatable range of wood species,
profiles, and finishes

Easy handling and reduced thermal conductivity

Responsibly harvested and
chemical-free modification

Our Thermory Motion interior products

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A wide range of wood species

Thermory Motion cladding is available in a variety of woods to suit your taste, with both natural and thermally modified options for interior walls and saunas. Whether you’re looking for a light-colored, durable hardwood like ash, attractive aspen or alder, the elegant appeal of magnolia or the knot-free appearance of radiata pine, Motion has you covered.

With Thermory, durability and stability come as standard

Thermory’s thermally modified Motion cladding is treated with just heat and steam for a long-lasting and dimensionally stable finish. The consistently exceptional quality of our products is guaranteed thanks to our highly experienced wood specialists. Thermory Motion cladding is also available without thermal modification.