Kodiak (old)

The Most Rugged Board In The Forest.

Get the wide, rugged look your project demands with Kodiak, extra-wide brushed spruce boards that offer the allure of the backwoods with unequalled ease. In the forests of Alaska, the Kodiak bear rules the forest, its size and wild disposition a symbol of the hardy elegance of its surroundings. Kodiak by Thermory offers a rugged texture and large size inspired by the ruler of the forest.

rugged board

Wide And Rugged Kodiak

Kodiak gives your project the bold allure of the backwoods. Knotted spruce boards provide natural appeal, while their extra-wide size allows for faster installation with fewer seams for a clean, modern feel. The brushed texture means you can see and feel the natural grain of the wood, adding ruggedness without sacrificing the refined look you crave.

backwood kodiak

Consistent Color, Consistent Performance

The stunning spruce, wide boards, and rugged brushed texture of Kodiak provide a bold back-to-nature look that’s bound to be noticed. Unlike other softwood products, Thermory’s thermal modification process ensures there’s no visible sapwood – just the consistent color of heartwood from edge to edge. Kodiak is so stable, we even recommend installing it with hidden clips.

The Durability of Thermory

Like all Thermory wood, Kodiak is thermally modified using only heat and steam. This process leaves each board modified to the core, offering 25+ years of rot resistance and a high level of dimensional stability. With Kodiak, you don’t have to sacrifice performance to get the natural, rugged look you want.

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