Indoor windows from Thermory: Stylish, versatile, modern

Interior window, black

Bring a touch of contemporary class to your interior spaces with Thermory’s black indoor windows. Practical and easy on the eye in equal measure, the windows are available in two size options with black aspen frames and single-glazed tempered gray glass that offers shade and privacy. They are also suitable for use in damp environments, making them perfect for adding visual appeal to a home sauna or spa.



We have delivered superior
quality and unrivaled beauty
for over 25 years


Wood from sustainably
managed forests with
chemical-free modification

factory painted cladding


Painted with black wax

Interior window, black

Indoor windows

Our versatile black indoor windows can be used individually or together as a set for a range of creative effects in virtually any indoor environment, including dividing a space into sections or allowing light to pass through existing walls.

Interior window, black
Interior window, black
Interior window, black
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