Brighten your walls with thermally-modified ash

Walls are the soul of a room. To create atmosphere, designers have historically used walls to create microworlds though mosaics, paintings, and wood elements. Thermory’s Decor series comprises two stylish thermally-modified ash products that offer a variety of possibilities to bring new life to walls.



Carefully selected sustainable timber, state-of-the-art technology



The wood becomes more durable and its moisture content decreases

Thermory wood dimensional stability


Dimensionally stable, can be used in wet rooms

Decor Rhomb tiles

The illusion that makes walls talk

A wall can be more than a flat surface. Thermory’s thermally-modified ash Rhomb tiles quickly and easily transform a wall into much more than a structural element. Geometric pattern combinations create the illusion of spaciousness, giving unlimited opportunities for interior design. Whether a timeless classic or hypnotic accent, Rhomb is modern and sustainable, produced with virtually no wood waste, allowing all materials to be used to their fullest potential.

Product information

Thermo-ash, 132 x 229 x 8.5 mm
54 pieces, 1.1 m2 per pack

Decor Rhomb tiles enable two different patterns, zigzag and cube, or the combination of the two.

Thermory Decor medium modification level, kitchen backsplash, private house in Estonia, photo Allan Leppikson

Decor Mosaic tiles

Bring your interior back to life

Made of small medium-modified or intensely modified thermo-ash blocks and finished with lacquer, these tiles add a dynamic and colorful touch to any room. Decor tiles can be used on walls and floors – including wet rooms. Installation is similar to ceramic mosaic tiles.

Two tones, two sizes

  • Thermo-ash, medium modified is suitable for interiors where bright and golden colors are desired. Available in two designs.
  • Thermo-ash, intense modified represents the warmest dark tones of Thermory hardwood. Available in two designs.
  • Available in size 298×298 mm

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