Installation PaCS Alu Rail 56 118 mm

Installation PaCS Alu Rail 56 118 mm

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PaCS Grad Alu Rail 56 for 118 mm boards is a load-bearing aluminum joist with pre-mounted Grad® clips for perfect Thermory decking, cladding and ceiling boards alignment. There are no visible screw heads – the boards are simply pressed and clicked into place.

• Specially profiled Thermory 118mm wide boards with grooves on the underside perfectly fit the aluminum rails with pre-mounted Grad clips.
• With PaCS Alu Rail 56 boards will be raised 62 mm (rail 56 mm + Grad clips 6 mm), ensuring the required ventilation.
• Invisible fixing – there are no visible screw heads.
• Lay the boards by hand, then simply press and click them onto the rails. Do not use a hammer or other tools that may damage the boards.
• Possibility to disassemble each board individually using specific PaCS Grad Alu Rail 56 board removal keys.
• Estimated amount of PaCS Grad Alu Rail 56 needed: 1.4 pcs per one square meter of decking.
• Pcs per package: 1 rail, 1984 mm length (for 16 boards).

Matching products:
• TopLift Lift Pad adjustable pedestal for 35-65mm height
• TopLift Lift Pad pedestal + TopLift Boosters + TopLift Stiffners = max 400mm height
• Rubber Strip if you place PaCS Grad Alu Rail 56 directly on flat surface for decking. It helps to reduce noise resulting from friction between aluminium and the supporting surface.
• Top Link Linking Piece for connecting the rails lengthwise and to maintain a uniform gap between the boards.
• Spanners to maintain 400/500 mm span between rails and Spanner Fixing Brackets set to fix angles for rails.
• Top Cube + B1/B2/B3 Skirting fixing elements to fix skirting boards to the deck

PaCS® (Press and Click System) product range combines high-quality Thermory thermowood products with unique Grad® installation system. It is a hidden fastening solution designed for a quick and easy installation.


Product code: 1197 PR56-118
Material: aluminium rail, POM (Polyoxymethylene) clips
Rail finish: monocomponent water-based black paint
Resistance: support needed every 120 cm for a 200kg/ m2 load and every 60cm for a 500kg/m2 load
Weight: 3.25kg
Length (mm): 1984

• Load bearing rail.
• Rail can be cut to length.
• Store in original packaging and indoors. Store the rails outdoors for short periods of time just before being used. No heavy object should be stored on top of the rails to avoid possible damage and/or distortion of the rails.

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