Thermory 20th anniversary

Thermory AS celebrated its 20th anniversary on September 26 with a grand client conference to where “Thermory Tribe” gathered from all over the world, from 32 different countries. The Estonian founded and still 100% Estonian funded company has become one of the biggest producers and manufacturers of thermally modified wood in the world and the quality of our products is spoken of highly from Europe to the US and from Chile to New-Zealand. Over the years, Thermory has become an Estonian exporter success story.

The conference took place in the Estonian Open Air Museum. On the one hand, Thermory distributers shared their experience selling to architects and retailers, and on the other hand, architects, such as KAMP Architects, talked about their experience working with thermally modified wood. Thermory’s newest products were introduced by Canadian building guru Hardcore Renos. Thermory is currently developing several new products and the people participating in the conference had a chance to catch the first glimpse of Thermory´s newest products.

In 2016, Thermory’s revenue was 29 mln euros, with 1.8 mln euros in profit. The high figures in export, revenue and profit are the result of the hard work and cooperation of dedicated teams in production and customer/partner relations all over the world.

“Generally speaking, Thermory operates in the construction sector and here it always comes down to either price or quality,” says Katrin Reinaste-Parve, CCO Exteriors of Thermory AS. “We have chosen to focus on quality and have perfected the thermal modification process in a way that global markets know – Thermory represents the top of thermal modification. Good advice has been passed down from one partner to another, from one country to the next and we have been blessed in export, as most clients have approached us. Based on our 20 years of experience, I can say that it’s honestly best to focus on the quality of your product. A high-quality product will automatically attract respectable partners in the B2B market. Good cooperation is the basis for growth, which is why we wanted to celebrate our 20th anniversary with our wonderful clients from all over the world” she adds.

Thermory AS (former OÜ Brenstol) started in 1997 with about 10 employees and is now a company with 250 people and partners in 50 countries. The company actually started off producing sauna materials for the Finnish market and got into thermal modification in 2001, when demand in Europe grew and the company launched their first thermokiln. Today, the Thermory product collection includes thermally modified decking, cladding, flooring and sauna materials.

But Thermory will not rest on its laurels. “We plan a 10% average annual growth rate,” states Reinaste-Parve. “In order to achieve that we need to realize the potential of our current markets and enter new ones. There’s still plenty of room to grow,” says Katrin Reinaste-Parve, sure of the continued global success of Thermory.

Thermory AS would like to thank its wonderful employees and partners and wishes us all a continuous successful cooperation!
Happy Anniversary to the global Thermory Tribe!