Thermory AS – Exporter of the Year 2018

Thermory AS is awarded as “Exporter of the Year 2018”. The award was given on October 4 during the Estonian Entrepreneurship Awards gala night.

The company was founded in 1997 and is currently still 100% Estonian-funded. Today, the company produces and exports thermally modified wood products to 50 countries all over the world.  The biggest markets are Finland, USA and Germany. The furthest destinations include for example New Zealand, Japan, Chile and South African Republic, among others. The sales in US and Canadian markets are managed by the subsidiary company Thermory USA.

Thermory’s consolidated turnover in 2017 was 33.7 million euros, of which thermally modified decking and cladding account for the main part. Thermory group employs 280 people. All Thermory products are manufactured in a 10 ha production centre in Harju County, Estonia.

Thermal modification greatly improves the durability of wood and the process involves no chemicals, only the combination of heat and steam. Thermory only uses raw materials from sustainably managed forests. The wood’s chemical-free thermal modification pays tribute to the environment, nature and the perfection of wood.

The high figures in export, revenue and profit are the result of the hard work and cooperation of dedicated teams in production and customer/partner relations all over the world.

On behalf of Thermory AS we want to thank you and wish congratulations to the wonderful Thermory team, our partners and clients all around the world. Thank you!

Congratulations as well to all other companies that were nominated for the Estonian Entrepreneurship Awards!

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