Impactful use of wood in bathrooms

Creating a beautiful interior is all about finding that magical balance between colours, textures and materials. Interior architect Reet Helisabeth Karm (RHK Interiors) took three distinctive Thermory interior wall cladding boards – Kyte, Ignite and Drift – as a starting point, and designed spaces around them that charm with their tasteful look.

Ignite is an incomparably powerful variation of natural wood, both in its colour and exciting pattern. This jet-black pressed surface is an excellent backdrop for almost everything, including creating a striking design in a bathroom.

Bringing wood into the bathroom is not usual, but it could be. The interior designer’s goal here was to place Ignite in a kind of unexpected context.

Ignite is definitely for the daring home designer looking for a more exciting space than the average, and the decision is well worth it – Ignite alone is a design element in its own right. Especially when used in unusual rooms and on surprising surfaces.

Interior by Thermory
Thermory Ignite thermo-spruce cladding C15 20x185

This is why something as simple as micro concrete, coloured clay ceramics for sinks and baths, and faucets with special finishes as accents go best with this extravagant jet-black wood.

The currently very popular airy rattan details, lighting fixtures and natural fabrics such as linen as towels, dressing gowns and other textiles add the softness and cosiness, which a bathroom usually needs to be an important living space, not a sanitary room.

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