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Timeless, functional, durable and environmentally friendly – that’s exactly what our Benchmark Series is all about. Each board is thermally modified, resulting in naturally beautiful and environmentally friendly products that last for generations.

Depending on the profile, Benchmark cladding can be installed with screws, clips or PaCS – the world’s simplest screwless system. Most profiles can be ordered with an end-matching solution, meaning that the joints don’t have to rest on joists, dramatically reducing wastage, labor costs and installation time.

Thermory Benchmark benefits:

Naturally enhanced using only heat and steam

Dimensionally stable in changing weather conditions

No need for additional coating, the wood naturally grays over time

Highest available durability class for real wood

Responsibly harvested with chemical-free modification

Why choose Benchmark series?

  • If you’re looking for a durable and stable material that’s suitable for outdoor or indoor use, Thermory’s Benchmark Series is right for you. It’s the ideal choice for those who truly care about the environment and wish to reduce their ecological footprint.
  • Thermally modified wood is an environmentally friendly alternative to tropical wood – our wood comes from sustainably managed forests and we never purchase timber that originates from endangered woodland, tropical forests or rainforests.
  • Thermally modified wood has similar durability characteristics to tropical wood with superior dimensional stability.
  • Thermally modified wood’s lower moisture absorption capability and rate results in less moisture-induced wood deformation, which means that the wood shrinks and expands less when used outdoors.
  • Our thermally modified wood is a nature-friendly material as no chemicals are used and no hazardous waste is generated in the thermal modification process.


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Architects and designers all over the world have used Benchmark Series products for a number of exciting projects