Vivid cladding series - Thermory

Vivid series cladding – excellent resistance against decay and diverse weather conditions

Thermory’s Vivid coated cladding selection is a high-quality solution that makes any building stand out from the crowd. The spruce and pine products undergo an intense thermal modification process that uses only heat and steam to give exceptional stability and durability.

The lightweight, easy-to-install boards are brushed to enhance their natural pattern. For a long-lasting finish, the wood is then coated with water-based paints that are environmentally friendly and have been tested in the harshest climates.


Real wood products

Our products are made from 100% real wood


Non hazardous waste

No need to handle our products as hazardous waste as no chemicals are used in the process.



Wood from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification


Quality materials

Our timber is carefully inspected and harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Thermory eco-friendly_process

Eco friendly process

Our thermal modification process uses only heat and steam.


Low waste

End-matching installation reduces waste, saves expenses.

Thermory Vivid Translucent 7 Gray cladding. Location_Haren, Groeningen. Distributor Interfaca. Photo_Sander Martens Photography

Why prefer painted thermowood to regular painted wood cladding?

Real wood cladding has many functional benefits as well as a charming aesthetic. But if you are looking to make a bolder statement with your exterior, coating your timber cladding with some striking colour might just do the trick.