Ignite by Thermory cladding series - Thermory

An ancient cladding tradition with reliably modern performance

The Thermory Ignite product range includes eye-catching exterior and interior cladding boards as well as wall panels with an additional treatment that is suitable for the sauna.

Ignite by Thermory 3d rendering

Real wood products

Our products are made from 100% real wood


Non hazardous waste

No need to handle our products as hazardous waste as no chemicals are used in the process.



Wood from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification


Quality materials

Our timber is carefully inspected and harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Thermory eco-friendly_process

Eco friendly process

Our thermal modification process uses only heat and steam.


Low waste

End-matching installation reduces waste, saves expenses.

Ignite by Thermory

Ancient cladding tradition. Modern Performance

The signature dragon-scale pattern of Thermory Ignite cladding is created by embossing and tinting thermally modified spruce wood. Unlike modern yakisugi, which is often created by hand with a torch, Ignite is produced using a deceptively flame-free process.