Pro tip: Combine different C34 profile sizes to create ribbed cladding effect

Attractive real wood cladding that ticks all the boxes

Timeless, functional, durable and environmentally friendly – that’s exactly what our Benchmark Series is all about. Each board is thermally modified, resulting in naturally beautiful and environmentally friendly products that last for generations.

Thermory Benchmark thermo-pine cladding

The perfect timber cladding board is durable and stable, with a flawless finish

Real wood is a uniquely cozy and beautifully textured material that carries a strong aesthetic message. Thermory offers a wide range of timber cladding boards with a variety of profiles and surface finishes.


Real wood products

Our products are made from 100% real wood


Non hazardous waste

No need to handle our products as hazardous waste as no chemicals are used in the process.



Wood from sustainable forests with chemical-free modification


Quality materials

Our timber is carefully inspected and harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Thermory eco-friendly_process

Eco friendly process

Our thermal modification process uses only heat and steam.


Low waste

End-matching installation reduces waste, saves expenses.