Decking Thermory Ash, QuickDeck® Mosaic module

Decking Thermory Ash, QuickDeck® Mosaic module


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Thermory QuickDeck®:

  •   Smooth decking surface with no visible screws
  •   Easy installation on solid ground (no tools, no screws needed)
  •   Exotic brown tone of Thermory Ash
  •  Chemical-free wood surface under the feet
  • Highly durable wood due to thermal modification

The modules can be laid on even surface both indoors and outdoors.

Find out more from brochure: “QuickDeck”.


Lenghts per pack: 595 mm (subject to stock availability) / 795 mm. 6 modules per box.

QuickDeck® deck tiles have weatherproof plastic support underneath which easily snaps one deck tile to another.

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