Installation Clip T-6

Installation Clip T-6


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Thermory® black-coated stainless steel clip “T-6” creates decking surface with no visible screws.
T-6 clip leaves a 6 mm gap between deck boards and is suitable for board widths over 112 mm.

T-6 is compatible with the following decking profiles:

  • D4 sg2 20 x 132 mm
  • D4 sg2 20 x 150 mm
  • D4 sg2 26 x 130 mm
  • D4 sg2 26 x 145 mm


Required amount of fasteners: 2.5 pcs/rm. In total there are 500 pcs per pack.

For T-6 clip installation procedures and requirements please follow Thermory Decking Installation Guide.

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