Safety measures during crisis

Over the years we have cultivated a strong sense of family here at Thermory, and keeping the people who matter to us safe is our main priority – that includes the whole Thermory tribe, from our colleagues and partners to our valued clients. Without these vital individuals and companies, we’d be unable to continue doing what we do best.

As the coronavirus pandemic shakes the world, we’ve taken a number of safety measures in order to protect our employees and prevent the spread of the disease during these uncertain times.

  • The rooms used by our factory workers are disinfected on a daily basis
  • The body temperatures of both employees and visitors are measured before they enter the production area using a contact-free method
  • No one with a fever, or any other symptoms of viral illness, are allowed onto the premises
  • Contact with our external partners is being kept to an absolute minimum and only individuals whose presence is vital to our production are permitted at our facilities
  • Any of our employees who can work from home are now doing so
  • We have started using masks and gloves in departments where the nature of our work requires direct contact with other people
  • A two-meter minimum distance between all individuals is also being strictly applied

For now, our work is continuing the way it always has. We’re fully committed to maintaining Thermory’s core pillars while keeping our people healthy and our factory lines rolling. Our hearts are filled with gratitude towards our colleagues who have continued to work in the production facilities during the crisis. Without them we would not be able to continue enhancing environments with innovative, durable products.