Annual production vacation

Thermory Benchmark Pine D30 26 x 115 mm, Surfing Club in Tallinn

Dear Customers and Partners,

We would like to inform you that Thermory’s production units will be on annual production vacation as follows:

  • Sauna materials and elements production unit in Reola from 20th July till 2nd August 2020
  • Exterior production unit in Loo from 27th July till 9th August 2020.

During that period, our warehouse remains operational and we will ship out orders completed and confirmed earlier, as planned. Reola (sauna materials and products) warehouse will accept and handle new pick-and-pack orders during vacation period. Loo (exterior) unit regrets that pick-and-pack service will not be available during the vacation but it will resume from 9th August on first come-first serve basis.

Part of our sales team is also on vacation during the coming weeks. If your main contact person happens to be on vacation, then you can be sure that e-mails have been redirected to a colleague and there will always be someone who will attend to your enquiries and questions.

We wish you a happy summer!

Thermory Team