A Fun and Easy DIY Spruce

We’ve been getting in touch with our creative side, and we’re excited to share this quick and easy do-it-yourself project to help you turn your leftover cladding material into a fun little spruce tree to decorate your home or give as a gift.

All you need is a few tools and 20-30 minutes of spare time. Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your spruce – the material we used is thermally modified ash, but any cladding material from Thermory will work. No one was harmed in the making of this tutorial, and responsible adults are very much encouraged to try this at home!

The end result will measure 60 cm wide by 80 cm high and look something like this:

STEP 1: Cut the edge of the cladding board to a 45-degree angle.

STEP 2: Mark a point on the board 60 cm along from the pointed end.

STEP 3: Starting from the point you just marked, saw the other end of the board to form a symmetrical piece.

STEP 4: Mark the next piece 50 cm from the pointed end, and cut the board as in step 3 – then repeat to create a third board with a length of 40 cm.


STEP 5: Use the same method to create the top triangle, which should measure 30 cm in length.

Now you have all the pieces for the “foliage”, which should look a little like this:


STEP 6: Next, it’s time to create the trunk of your tree. Using either D4-profile Thermory pine or a batten that isn’t too thick, mark a point 80 cm from one end and cut, keeping the leftover piece too (you’ll find out why soon).


STEP 7: For the base, use a slightly broader batten than the one you used for the trunk. Measure and cut two pieces to a length of 30 cm, and another two to 26 cm.


Here’s what you should have so far:

STEP 8: Lay all of the boards face down on a flat surface and sand the edges until they’re smooth.


STEP 9: Measure the parts that will form the tree to make sure that everything’s in proportion and that the trunk is placed centrally and not visible over the top of the tree.


STEP 10: If using ash, pre-drill some holes through the trunk and then screw the tree parts onto it.


You’re almost there now…

STEP 11: Now it’s time to use that leftover piece from the trunk; to create the first half of your base, place it as shown and screw two of the battens into position.


STEP 12: Repeat this step to create the second half of the base, which should be identical to the first.

STEP 13: Sand a little off the end of the trunk to help it fit into the base.

STEP 14: Place the trunk of the tree between the two halves of the base and then screw them together tightly.


If you enjoyed making your little wooden spruce tree, don’t limit yourself to just one – all it takes to bring some nature into your home is a little work and a little creativity (and of course a lot of fun!)