We Want to Leave a Lasting Impact

At Thermory we believe in the beauty of wood. Today’s urban environments have created a distance between humans and nature with massive overuse of concrete, steel and plastics in architecture and construction. We want to change that by creating a more natural and sustainable environment that we all can be proud of for generations to come. If that’s a vision you share, you’re in the right place.

Global Leader in Thermal Modification – a Sustainable Technology for High Quality Lasting Solutions

Our expertise is in thermally modified wood process and technology. Using only heat and steam, we create extremely durable and climate resistant decking, cladding, flooring, wall paneling and sauna products that are unrivalled in both performance and sustainability vs usual alternatives (plastic composites, chemically treated woods, tropical hardwoods, etc.).

Enhancing Environments with Outstanding Interior and Exterior Design

Since more than 20 years, we work closely with architects, designers, real estate developers and specialized distributors across the world. Through this network of like-minded partners, we call it the Thermory Tribe, we have implemented thousands of beautiful projects across 50+ countries on all continents.

Our passion for wood, drive for innovation and commitment to sustainability, have created a trust that makes Thermory a leader in the market today.

decking ash cladding

The largest thermally modified wood producer in the world by sales revenue

  • 2019 estimated sales revenue
    > €100M
  • Exporting to 50+ countries worldwide
  • 9 production units in Northern Europe: 7 factories & 2 sawmills
  • 680 employees
  • Key markets: Finland, USA, Germany, France, Sweden
  • Volume of thermal modification ca 160 000 m3 p.a.

Clean process. Responsible sourcing.
Sustainable solutions.

We like to raise the bar, not meet it. Most importantly, our thermal modification process is entirely natural, using only heat and steam.

This makes our products ecologically superior to most alternatives - tropical hardwood, plastic composite materials or toxiacally treated products.

  • Sourcing: We believe in the preservation of natural resources, and understand how different forests and environments renew. We don’t abuse the privilege of natural wood, and we carefully source for quality and responsibility – never from rainforests.
  • Lumber: Our lumber partners know that our standards are high. Our wood is carefully inspected, tested, trimmed, machined and modified before being sold. Our customers notice the difference.
  • Quality: We frequently test our products with 3rd parties for durability (class 1,2), fire resistance (CE label) and environmental forestry practices (Swan Label, PEFC).

Join the Thermory Tribe

Key part of our success so far comes from the passion of like-minded people - we call it the Thermory Tribe effect. We genuinly care for the people who work at Thermory as well as for our customers around the world, many of whom have been with us on this journey for a long time.

If you want to be part of a passionate, committed and fun team – reach out and look to join our Tribe.

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