Thermory wood in the hands of designers

Date: December 11, 2017 Category: Blog

The Thermory collection has two main stars – chocolate brown Thermory Ash and light Scandinavian Thermory Pine. These Thermory materials are used to make decking, cladding, internal walls, flooring, ceilings and saunas all over the world. But that is not the full extent of the uses of thermally modified wood.

Many fantastic designers have used Thermory wood to make their visions a reality, often in unexpected places. Let us tell you about them and their work.

We hope these stories will inspire wood lovers to bring their own ideas to life. And if you know of any good designers using Thermory wood, please let us know so we can share their stories with the world!

D34 26x115_mm Thermory Ash  D34 26x140mm Thermory Pine brushed

Chocolate brown Thermory Ash and light Scandinavian Thermory Pine.

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