Thermory applauds: Finland 100

Date: December 6, 2017 Category: Blog

This is Finland’s great jubilee year, and the entire Thermory AS team and the worldwide Thermory Tribe sends congratulations to our fantastic Finnish clients and partners.

Thermory’s partners can be found all around the world, but it was in the Finnish market that Thermory had its beginning. Specifically, Thermory AS (previous Brenstol OÜ) started producing sauna materials 20 years ago for its closest northern neighbors. The Finnish market remains Thermory’s largest export market, but besides sauna materials, thermally modified decking, cladding and flooring have become increasingly popular parts of our product range over the years.

Finland and Thermory are connected further in many ways. In addition to sales, there is long-term partnership with suppliers of high-quality Finnish softwood. A significant part of the Thermory production process technology also comes in part from Finland. Jartek’s world-class thermokilns are a good example of this.

… and don’t forget that modern thermal modification technology was introduced by Finns in the 1990s.

We wish all of our partners, suppliers, and clients from our northern neighbor continued success in our cooperation!

Congratulations – Finland 100!  Paljon onnea – Suomi 100!


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